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You can be a Great Content Writer and Still Have no Readers

I’ve heard this a million times even from clients that know my experience and credentials: ‘Why can’t I just do it myself?’ The answer is simple: you absolutely canbut quality content isn’t enough. There is so much more to content marketing and that’s what this article is all about.

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Why Quality Content Isn’t Enough

The bottom line is you can be a great writer with all the right things to say and all the right ways to say it, but great writing alone doesn’t increase traffic. Unfortunately, Google’s algorithms don’t care about your charisma as a writer.
What they care about is data. Your keywords, your links, your alt attributes, your meta tags and descriptions, your images, your videos, and your consistency. These are the things that Google looks at when reviewing your site—and that’s where I come in.

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How SEO Content Marketing Solves This Problem

While you’ve been busy creating funny, entertaining, informative articles, I’ve been helping brands grow traffic significantly. My results don’t lie. I know what I’m doing. The truth is that a good article is nothing without the optimization side of things. If you have no followers and no organic traffic, how can you possibly expect to have people read your content and support your brand?

What SEO Content Marketing achieves is that following. By building your FreshRank, TrustRank, and your Domain Authority, you can rise in the search engine results pages of Google making your content more visible to the world.

Engagement Through Content: The key to Successful Brand Recognition

While this organic traffic increases, content marketing in the social media world increases your engagement. After all, you don’t just want people seeing your posts and your brand. You want people commenting on your posts and buying your brands!

These social media followers are also your best marketing campaign as well. Why? If a follower likes your brand, they share it. If you have a sale or a contest, they show their friends. The ability to share with friends allows for your brand to get new followers with the same interests as your current demographic of followers. After all, birds of a feather flock together so a friend of your follower is a follower in the making.

Consistency is Key in Brand Content Marketing

Lastly, with engagement and organic traffic, you now want consistency. Perhaps, you’re in a meeting or your kid just stuck a bead up their nose. Whatever the reason, you can’t post regularly and it’s seriously affecting your consistent traffic and followers. Without consistency, your brand is hurting and, as your brand grows and you have to focus more of your time on your services, it’s only getting worse. Sure, you have ten clients that are solid and not going anywhere, but you are failing to gain more without consistency. That’s where having someone to keep your brand content consistent is ideal.

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The Conclusion

In the end, you’re a hardworking business owner. You’ve fought for everything you have, and you did it on your own. However, what separates a small business from a big ever-growing business is delegation. Small businesses run small and do it all on their own. But, if you want your brand to expand, you need SEO content marketing—and it can’t be you doing it.

For more information on how I can take your engaging content and make it valuable, shoot me a message and let’s chat!