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Why You Should Subscribe to my Newsletter

There’s really only two types of people in this world: the ones with 7,000 unopened newsletter emails from the countless things they’ve subscribed to, and the ones with all emails read and only a small amount of subscriptions near and dear to them.

Whether you’re a subscription junkie or the Marie Kondo of your inbox, I’m here to tell you that you’re missing one pretty awesome newsletter to add to your collection! What newsletter, you might ask? Mine!

Why You Should Subscribe to my Newsletter 1

So, What Makes my Newsletter so Special?

There are millions of newsletters out there to subscribe to, and a large portion of those newsletters are even about SEO content marketing in particular. Unfortunately, the one thing they don’t have is an original angle. Many newsletters suck, and only want your email to increase their subscriber count and harass you about upcoming sales and products.

I’m not going to do that. Why? Because, when I subscribe to a newsletter, I’m looking for informative content on their area of expertise. I’m hoping to get the information they aren’t willing to disclose in their blogs and be a part of their community on a deeper level. That’s why I’ve created this newsletter with this exact desire in mind. Unlike the countless other SEO content marketing newsletters out there, I offer a myriad of bonuses simply for signing up!

Stay Connected

One of the most impactful bonuses of subscribing to my newsletter comes in the form of connection. By subscribing, you can not only stay connected with me but also with others in your industry looking for the same thing as you: content engagement! Hopefully, these connections will lead to fruitful business endeavors and actually grow your company even more!

The other connection it provides is with me. Although connecting with me may seem like more of a benefit for me than anything else, this is where you’d be wrong. The vast majority of my business has nothing to do with email marketing but I chose to do it anyways. The reason for this is because I genuinely care about you and your brand. I want you to succeed because I know how good it feels to achieve your goals, and there’s always room for more brands in the industry.

That’s why, if you subscribe to my newsletter and ask questions or shoot me emails for advice, I’ll never turn you down. This is where the biggest benefit of subscribing for you comes into play. You will have a professional with a decade of experience at the tip of your fingers—for FREE!

Insider’s Secrets Revealed

Not only will I answer your specific question but I will also give you tips, tricks, and secrets about SEO content marketing you wouldn’t get anywhere else!

With these secrets alone, you can begin marketing your brand in a more informed manner and kickstart the process towards a better content marketing strategy! From there, any extra help you may need would be available to you simply by choosing to officially purchase my services and work with me! Sounds pretty easy, right?

Learning More About Your Content Specialist

Lastly, my email newsletter will break down more about who I am and what I represent. For many small businesses, it can be hard to trust someone with your website and your social media. After all, black hat link builders and people hoping to hold your social media ransom for money do exist.

That’s where this newsletter would step in to put your mind at ease. From my actual life stories and events all the way to the companies I’ve worked for and results I’ve seen, these emails would give you a clearer picture of the kind of person you’d be working with and the morals I stand by. After all, in a world of scams, personal gain-seekers, and liars, I aim to create evergreen white hat marketing solutions for small businesses that need a little help!


How to Subscribe to my Newsletter

Now that I definitely have you convinced, it’s time to pull the trigger on amazing SEO content marketing tips and tricks delivered directly to you! All you have to do to sign up is fill out the form below and kick back and relax until the newsletters start coming your way! I look forward to not only sending you newsletters but interacting with you through them in the future! Oh, and did I mention that for signing up you get a special gift from me to you? Yeah, I know—I’m awesome.