Who I Am

Sammy Hager Featured ImageSo, you’ve got a company that is excelling in its field and you only see upwards growth from here. Unfortunately, your cousin that’s ‘good with computers’ just isn’t cutting it any more when it comes to your online presence management and you’re in desperate need of someone affordable and experienced in this field. That’s where I come in. My name is Samantha Hager and I’ve been writing for over a decade now. I began my career interning at various magazines at the age of 15 before becoming a journalist for a small-town music magazine only a year later.

Since then, I’ve worked for countless companies creating highly engaging content and have found my work on high-profile sites the likes of Forbes, Popsugar, Daily Worth, Buzzfeed, Business, Red Hat Developers, Nerdwallet, and more!

But, what sets me apart from all the other writers out there? After all, I’m one out of a million writers in the industry that has a product you currently need at a reasonable price, right? Well, this is where your content and my personality specifically come into play. I don’t have a preference on the topics I write about like others in my field—and I always do my research properly so you'd never be able to tell the difference between my niches and something I just learned.

Whether it’s a cybersecurity company or a vegan dog food brand, I’m able to take your product or services and make them a hot topic any online site would die to promote! 

Secondly, I am not your average content marketer at all. In fact, what sets me apart from the rest is actually the thing I'm most proud of in the world! You see, I don't cater to 'dinosaurs' of a forgotten time in marketing and content methods, I don't shuffle into the marketing herd, and I don't pretend to be someone I'm not. When I started this business, I thought you had to do what everyone else does. I chose bright colors, I marketed using all the right hashtags and formats, and I kept my weird humor and attitude far away from my business. But then it hit me—where's the fun in that?

That's when I began to actually be myself and show off my weird humor and quirky methods. That's also when I started to see real results. Since then, I've let my freak flag fly and I've gained quite the following as well as a list of incredible clients I'm proud to have. In fact, I only work with clients I believe will be successful and would be proud to support both in and out of my business! It's how I keep my personal and connected tone with all of my clients and stay passionate about what I do as well as what they do!

For examples of what I’ve done for my other clients and how I’ve turned their brand into top-notch external and internal content, check out my portfolio below and don’t hesitate to reach out in order to schedule a free consultation with me today! After all, your company truly is awesome—it just takes someone like me to showcase it!

What I Do

I offer a wide array of services but I know how hard it is to know what you need and create your own package. That's why I created easy-to-understand packages for every situation. I also provide hand-tailored packages for those looking for a bit of each so be sure to let me know if that works better for you! However, if you don’t see what you’re looking for or are just looking for some one-off content creation, don’t hesitate to contact me so we can discuss your personal needs further!

Best Value Bundles

  • Premium
  • $2300/Mo
  • 1 x Blog Post Per Week
  • 1 x Social Media Post Per Day
  • Custom Social Media/ Blog Photos
  • 1 x Press Release
  • 2 Hrs Site Optimization
  • 10 x Monthly Editing Services
  • 1 Hr Site Copy Creation (optional)
  • Standard
  • $1250/Mo
  • 1 x Blog Post
  • 1 x Social Media Post Per Week
  • Custom Social Media/ Blog Photos
  • 1x Press Blurb
  • 1 Hr Site Optimization
  • 5 x Monthly Editing Services
  • 30 min. Site Copy Creation (Optional)

Secondary Packages

  • Tier 1 Package
  • $950/Mo
  • 1 x Blog Post Per Week
  • 1 x Social Media Post Per Day
  • Custom Social Media/ Blog Photos
  • Customized SMC Outreach
  • Tier 2 Package
  • $880/Mo
  • 1 x Press Release
  • 1 Hr Site Optimization
  • 10 x Editing Services
  • 1 Hr (Optional) Site Copy Creation

Individual Services Packs

  • Content Package
  • $1000/Mo
  • 1 x Blog Post Per Week
  • External and Internal Links Included
  • Free-To-Use Optimized Images Included
  • SEO Package
  • $500/Mo
  • 6 Hrs Site Optimization
  • 2 Hrs Keyword Research
  • 2 Hrs Creating Buyer Personas
  • Editorial Package
  • $250/Mo
  • 10 x Editing Services
  • 5 Hrs Content Review
  • Optional Social Media Review
  • $250/Mo
  • 1 x Social Media Post Per Day
  • Custom Images/ Hashtags included
  • Analytics Report Included

Although these are my most common packages and services, I also provide EPK's for bands and artists, email campaigns for all kinds of industry leaders, buyer personas and competitor research overviews, pamphlets and additional content resources creation, and direct mail campaigns! If you have a content need of any sort, I'm positive I can fulfill it!

What I've Done

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    Top 5 Reasons The Tech Industry Should Embrace Telecommuting
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    Three Industries That Are Affected by Cyber Attacks More Than You’d Think

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Whether you’re just fielding options or ready to start working today, the first step to a better social and digital image begins by filling out this form! From there, we can discuss your specific needs, come up with a plan to achieve them, and create the engaging written content you’ve been looking for! I look forward to speaking with you in the future! Have a great day!

You can also reach me at:

Phone: (832) 997 - 9889
Email: samanthahager1440@gmail.com